This documentary is about a legless female sprinter and a quadraplegic stand-up comic who meet in rehab and fall in love.

Katy, our legless sprinter, is training for a spot on the US Paralympic team, and one day before her qualifying race at Nationals, falls and injures her back, eliminating her from making the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Before Jay’s accident, he is an athletic young man, 28 years old, with an active lifestyle and bright future ahead of him. One day while boulder climbing with some friends, Jay makes a wrong move and falls into the water four feet beneath him and hits his head on a rock that was unseen just beneath the surface. That would be the last time Jay would ever stand again. Until he begins his “stand-up” comedy career. While both these individuals are in rehab with their injuries, a romance ensues, and the two fall in love. The film follows Katy’s life as a spokesperson & world-class sprinter & Jay’s quest to become LA’s Funniest Comic. But the best is yet to come when Jay & Katy finally tie the knot in one of the most amazing vows of love & commitment to ever witness.

Share in this story of love, hope, and inspiration, and see what it is like to NOT be disabled.